New Patented Edge Flex™ Technology


Flexible Endoscopic Scissors - Dissect . Resect . Transect


Patented Edge Flex™ Technology

  • Edge FlexTM greatly enhances the cutting performance of surgical scissors
  • Twin blade construction: One stiff, one flexible for strength, sharpness and optimal cutting
  • Strength & Sharpness delivers the optimal performance
  • Ultra-smooth controlled rotation enables very accurate radial - positioning
  • Blunt-tipped stiff outer blades for atraumatic dissection of tissue planes
  • Provided sterile, SINGLE-USE device

About Slater Endoscopy LLC

Slater Endoscopy, LLC is a medical device company that designs and manufactures minimally invasive flexible endoscopic devices.

The Company and facility is located in a lite-industrial area of Miami Lakes Florida (NW side of Miami proper) and is home to a number of medical device companies. The approximately 21,000 square-foot facility includes office, engineering, manufacturing, and clean room assembly space.

The company’s first innovative product offering is the Ensizor® Endoscopic Scissors with Edge-Flex™ technology, used for the cutting and dissecting of tissue and sutures during flexible endoscopic procedures.


We have invented a way to impart an automatic force that maintains the proper mating of the two sharp edges that all scissors must have for good cutting. The action brought about by this design is majorly independent of the usual limitations caused by a component’s position, its quality, the part’s tolerance or assembly stack-ups. This unique scissors brings the first major design improvement to the standard scissors that were first made more than 5000 years ago. The Ensizor device is the next evolutionary step for one of mankind’s oldest machines: Scissors! An endoscopic surgeon truly has had no availability of a surgically-ready flexible endoscopic scissors until now. Suffice it to say that with the Ensizor, Slater Endoscopy has brought Scissors into the third Millennium!

Ensizor® Flexible Endoscopic Scissors

FDA Cleared: K150939
CE Marked: EC Certificate CE 610698

Full View

Distal View

Ensizor® Monopolar Flexible Endoscopic Scissors

In Development, Pending FDA 510(K) Submission and Clearance


Ensizor® Endoscopic Scissors Cutting Comparison
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR)
Complex case of a G tube leak/fistula