Charles Slater


Charles Slater invented and developed a new type of Scissors that substantially change the way that surgical scissors work.  With 11 issued patents to date, this technology is the basis for a flexible endoscopic surgical scissors that brings the high level performance required for the most advanced endoscopic surgical therapies.

Prior to founding Slater Endoscopy, Mr. Slater established a business relationship with Ethicon Endosurgery, a division of J&J, to develop endoscopic medical devices including:  a multiple firing (5) clip applier for endoscopic use in the GI tract and single-use surgical platform for treatment of GERD via Fundus plication. The product was sold to J&J for $20MM.

Mr. Slater designed a new manufacturing method for Nitinol stents, then advanced design development of the “Life Stent” a peripheral vascular stent for Edwards Life Sciences. The project included a proprietary delivery catheter and delivery system, which was later sold for $15MM.

Mr. Slater was a Co-Founder of Symbiosis Corporation, which invented the first single-use biopsy forceps for Microvasive, now Boston Scientific Endoscopy. The “Radial Jaw” biopsy forceps line has generated greater than $1.3 billon in revenue for Boston since its release in 1990.

Symbiosis grew very rapidly from two partners (Smith and Slater) in August of 1988 to 900 employees by September 1992. An article in the Wall Street Journal stated that the sale of Symbiosis Corporation to American Home Products for $175MM, was “the largest privately owned medical device company sale in history”.

Mr. Slater’s career has included leadership roles revolutionizing the medtech industry in areas related to: biopsy forceps, brachytherapy seeds, Nitinol stents, clip appliers, endoscopic scissors and other innovative technologies.

John Starkey

Founder & CEO

John Starkey is responsible for operations, product development, manufacturing, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

Mr. Starkey brings over 25 years of experience with product development and manufacturing of medical devices. Prior to Slater Endoscopy, Starkey was Director Operations Engineering of Heartware International where he established engineering and manufacturing requirements for a mechanical circulatory support device.

Previously, Starkey served as Director Product Development for Cordis (a Johnson & Johnson Company), where he directed global product development teams for the development and manufacturing of cardiovascular and endovascular medical devices.

Before Cordis, Starkey was Co-founder of Medcanica Inc., a medical device start-up company that designed and manufactured products for cardiovascular and cardiac surgery procedures. For the first years of his career, Starkey advanced through a series of technical and leadership roles with Boston Scientific, Symbiosis Corporation and Cordis Research Corporation.